Cheap VPS Web hosting – Virtual Private Servier Hosting

Here we discuss about VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the Second Level web hosting service. I mean

1.Free Web hosting

2. Normal Web hosting

3. VPS Hosting

4. Dedicated Server Hosting.

VPS means Virtual Private Server. You will get a Private server with hundreds of features including software installation, WHM etc.

We can devide VPS in to two:

1. Managed VPS hosting

2. Unmanaged VPS hosting

Some companies providing both services to the public.

ITRPL.COM is not providing VPS plan to public. So we direct you to the worlds top VPS Providers websites.

1. Hostgator

First and second level VPS are unmanaged and Third onwards Managed VPS.

Host Gator VPS Web hosting
Host Gator VPS Web hosting


Linode VPS Hosting


Intovps is a unmanaged VPS hosting service provider. Their services are found good and here the screen shot of intovps.

IntoVPS - Unmanaged VPS hosting Leader

other providers details coming soon

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