About Us

Itrpl.com is a parent company of a group of websites published under various categories including Web-hosting, Entertainment, Video Publishing, Photo Publishing, Tutorial, Film, Gallery, Sub-domain hosting, Technology,job connect etc. We are in need of man power to strengthen our footprints in the world wide web. We are providing home based part-time jobs to people residing inside India.

Our aim:  Grow with you. ‘You’ means our society. We need to see the happiest faces of all who works for us.

We adopt following payment methods:

1. Deposit to Bank account

2. Paypal

3. Cheque


Qualification required

1. Any University Degree/Diploma

2. Own Bank Account(SBI or subsidiary, Federal bank, ICICI, HDFC)

3. Age between 18 and 65


Following minimum requirements should be satisfied in order to receive the payment

1. Good, Quality works

2. Fulfillment of allotted works


Our disclaimer + Terms + Conditions

As per your qualification, we will allot the works to the chosen candidates.

Payment is only on the basis of work completion.

Copying content from any other site/sites is strictly prohibited.

ITRPL.COM’s decision will be final, related to work/quality of work/payment.

Minimum payment/month for part time workers will be Rs.300/- & Maximum of Rs.12000/-

Payment/month for Full time Workers will be Rs.14000/-(Level I) & for (Level-II) – Rs. 18000/-

If you are have not achieved the minimum amount, we will carry forward it to next month.

ITRPL.COM have the right to stop/terminate/postpone the works allotted. In such condition, we will pay the earned amount without any minimum requirements.


Are you ready to do work ? then send your C.V/Biodata to support@itrpl.com



Support Team





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