Advertisement Program

Advertisement Terms & conditions

IIRPL.COM providing direct advertisement services to our clients through the networked sites. Our cost-effective advertisement helps the advertiser to get the quality visitors and can generate leads.

How to start ?

After our communication with clients through mail, they can pay the fixed amount via Paypal or Cheque. After receiving the money, next business day onwards advertisement will show thorough our webpages.

Minimum Requirements

1. Advertisement link should be useful for our website Visitors.

2. Link should not be routing to the website, which having adult material.

3. Link address should not be longer than 70 characters and Description maximum of 140 characters.

4. Link should not be routing to Adult/Gambling/Sale of weapons/Pharmaceutical/content having against a particular country/person/hurting someone.

5. Braking of any of the above said guidelines, should be treated as against our TOS and link will be removed without any notice.

6. Advertiser can change the link(As per our TOS) at any time by email(Maximum 4times/Yr).


For text link,

Minimum of  Rs.3500/Month and can pay two installments.

For banner Advt,
468*60 – Minimum of Rs.6500/month. Advertiser can pay Monthly/Quarterly/half-yearly/Yearly basis.

728*90 – Minimum of  Rs.22500/month (We ensure minimum 30 Lakh banner view/year). Payment can be made monthly/yearly.

980*120 – Minimum of $35000/Month (We ensure minimum 30 Lakh banner view/year) Can pay Monthly/Quarterly/Half-yearly/Yearly.

Privacy Policy

Our strict privacy policy never ever allow any deviation. As per our policy we do not disclose the client details to a third party. We disclose such information, if the Official representative of Govt of India request us(through written request) to provide the client details.

You can send a mail to and start advertising via our network.

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